Why choose
  • Latest Technology
  • High Quality Materials
  • Enhanced Colorfastness
  • Hidden Fastening Options
  • Complement Any Housing Exterior
  • Wood and Composite Decks Available
Tell me about deck maintenance? What should I expect?

Four Seasons offers deck options that are essentially maintenance-free. They look and feel like real wood but require no painting or staining. The finish will not rot, peel or splinter.

What about color options?

There are many colors to choose from. We will advise and help you select a color that will complement and be consistent with the existing exterior color of your home.

Do you offer seating for decks?

Yes, we do. Again, there are many options to choose from. Built-in benches area great way to add additional seating and can be used as an alternative to railing where building codes permit. Creating an area suited for an outdoor dining set can provide not only a comfortable eating experience but a great place for entertaining neighbors or just relaxing on a calm summer evening.

Are there other creative ideas?

There are many. For example, designing a deck with multiple levels can separate your dining space from your lounging space and can create distinct outdoor “rooms” specific to your lifestyle.